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Friday, March 19, 2010

Feminist Pop Culture Friday

posted by Silvana
In no particular order, things that I have seen/heard/read recently that make my feminist brain go "YESSSSSSS!"

1. Parks and Rec. This Amy Poehler show is awesome, and Poehler's character is a feminist. A funny feminist! Her character is simply awesome. She manages to make fun of herself without making a laughingstock of herself. It's great. Bitch Magazine gets the feminism angle exactly right by saying the show is "chocked full of awesome feminism, and in a way that was never preachy and did nothing to take away from the comedy." In my opinion, it adds to the comedy. Because, you know, feminists can make fun of themselves.

2. Will Forte's song celebrating Women's History Month on Saturday Night. I wanted to write a big post about how awesome this was, but time got away from me and now I just want to make sure y'all see it.

There's a transcript here, but if you can watch the video you really should, because it's a song and as we know, singing always adds to hilarity. (Also, yes, there is a crappy ablist joke in the song. Sigh. But the rest of it is good).

3. Here's Roger Ebert's review of the new swedish film The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. How awesome is it that Roger Ebert is clearly a feminist and gets feminism? Really awesome, but probably not even as awesome as the movie will be. I'm going to see it tonight.

4. LADY FUCKING GAGA. Oh my god, how have I not discovered her before this? If you haven't watched the Telephone video, you need to.

The video is incredibly visually and thematically dense. It's already spawned a bunch of great textual analyses/deconstructions, so if you're interested, here are some of them.

Also, I love the song and video for "LoveGame," which is about as unapologetic a representation of female sexuality and desire as I've ever seen in something so popular.

5. The new Kotex ads. The premise? Menstrual-products ads are dumb. I think it's a little too heavy-handed (for example, did they really need to end the ad with a screen saying "Why are Tampon ads so ridiculous?" Come on. Leave a little interpretation to the viewer. But otherwise excellent).

There's also a New York Times piece about the ad campaign. Fun fact: apparently you can't say "vagina" on television. Even in a tampon ad.

5. More companies should really start using feminists as consultants. I'm telling you, this is a really good way to sell products/television/music/movies. They've just got to figure it out. But women like me and the readers of this blog and all the other feminist blogs are dying for content like this, and when it comes we will promote it heavily.

Take note, people holding purse strings.


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