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Monday, July 13, 2009


posted by Silvana
Good morning! The Sotomayor confirmation hearings have started. I am incredibly excited, because, as we all know, she's obviously going to be confirmed, and I think she's awesome. Also, it gives the Republicans a chance to show what they're really made of, which is to say, racist as hell. I do wish that I were in a coffee shop with a croissant and an east-coast latte with my laptop, watching the hearings. And liveblogging. Alas, I have to work. Legal drudgery waits for no man, woman, or wise Latina.

But! I bring you links. Adam Serwer has the definitive preview of the cast of characters and what they're likely to say. He's also liveblogging the thing, so keep an eye on his blog. His latest post is about how Sen. Leahy, in his opening remarks, is doing a bit of the "reclaim the territory of Real Americans" gambit I was complaining about just the other day. Also, Jeff Sessions comes out predictably swinging to call Sotomayor a racist.

Since you'll be undoubtedly hearing a lot how judges should be "umpires" today, here's a good NYT piece analyzing the analogy. While you're over there, here's a roundup of NYT writers who cover the Court talking about "what to watch for." And here's a more basic primer.

Finally, this video put out by the Women's Media Center showcases the racist and sexist nonsense we've seen on TV about Sotomayor so far. Watch it and brace yourself for a whole week of this crap.

UPDATE: If you're on Twitter, @AdamSerwer and @anamariecox are live-tweeting this thing with insights, links, and funny. Any other good people I should follow who are watching? Tell us in comments.


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