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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Tillerania around the web

posted by bitchphd
Some of the better or more informative things I've seen online this afternoon:

Tiller's family's statement about his murder. "We ask that he be remembered as a good husband, father and grandfather and a dedicated servant on behalf of the rights of women everywhere." Two of his daughters, btw, were also physicians.

One person's story of using Tiller's services. Btw, did you know that Tiller's clinic offered patients funeral services for their fetuses? I didn't.

Updates: Andrew Sullivan is doing a lot of blogging today. One of his links includes this moving story from an anti-abortion adoptive parent pointing out, with a fair bit of grace, the complexity and caring responsibility Tiller provided at his practice.

Kansas ABC channel site. Updated news, photos, video.

NOW's statement, which is the only place I've seen so far that recognizes that murdering abortion providers is terrorism.

People for the American Way points to a couple of tactless statements by anti-abortion leaders. I do want to say, however, that over on the #tiller feed on Twitter, most--not all--of the anti-abortion folks are not being assholes. Nonetheless, I think that when the leaders of a movement make statements that condone or deflect blame for violence, the movement deserves some blame for what happens.

More public statements by both pro-choice and anti-abortion organizations and public figures.

A statement by one of Tiller's former patients, that I posted on the blog ages ago.

Another old post about Tiller.

Feministe has a list of organizations one can donate to in Tiller's memory. I suggest Medical Students for Choice: one of the reasons Tiller was such a lightning rod was because there are very, very few doctors in the U.S. who do what he did. MSC works to train the students who will fill his shoes.

Update: A couple more stories about Tiller.

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