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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Aw yeah!

posted by bitchphd
Via Postbourgie, Arlen Specter's switching sides.

I've been wondering when Specter (and Olympia Snowe and . . . I dunno, there must be other Republicans who aren't willfully ignorant Update: Oh yeah, Susan Collins.) was going to get sick of being associated with the "lalala I am not listening to your so-called facts" politics of today's Republicans. I mean, you'd think that the Palin-for-VP thing, or the embarrassing "budget proposal," or the jaw-dropping ignorance of basic economics displayed by their "cut spending" approach to the economic crisis, might have done it. (You wouldn't think that the last administration's disdain for the constitution* would have, sad to say, but let's be realistic. You also wouldn't think that anyone in public office would know less about economics than I do, but hey: in America, anything is possible.)

Apparently, though, shamelessness is kind of a prerequisite for Republicanism these days; Specter's switching to hang on to his job rather than out of, oh, principle. Which, good for the people of Pennsylvania, say I: if your senator's not gonna do the right thing, grab him by the balls and drag him where he needs to go.

Now if only the good people of Minnesota would get their shit together and get Franken to Washington already, we could start to get on with this shit.

*And on that topic, since it needs to be said: hell yes, Pelosi needs to be held as accountable as anyone else on this torture shit.


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