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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

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posted by bitchphd
Sorry for the light blogging of late. Everyone's on holiday, obviously, including me. I'm sitting in a Minneapolis* coffee shop watching the snow (!!) and supposedly drafting some thoughts about a book proposal, though mostly I'm web-surfing since this is the first I've had the laptop open since Xmas, basically. I do, however, have Many Fascinating Posts that I need to write, but you know, visiting the boyfriend,** so after him the first priority is the getting-caught-up-on-the-internets thing, then the book proposal thing, and then maybe I'll get to you guys. In the meantime there's a ton of great stuff over at Jon Swift's year-end roundup, which has been keeping me from that book proposal all morning.

*I'm here. Visiting the boyfriend. Those of you to whom this is a shock--"but I thought you were married!"--can read the relevant posts down in the "best of" sidebar.

**Confidential to my dad: Dad, are you reading this blog after all? Does that mean you know why I'm in Minneapolis? Because I've noticed your unusual dearth of questions about my trip this time. So if you are reading, and we need to have a talk, we can. I hate being closeted about this anyway. That said, if you're not reading this blog and don't know, I'm not going to bring it up myself. So, you know, if that's the case, never mind.

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