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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Looking like an actual human woman? Boring!

posted by Silvana
So, I'm basically a huge fan of Jezebel, which is a fucking awesome blog. I have a girlcrush on virtually every blogger there, because they are foul-mouthed, smart, and funny as fuck. Plus, their lives sound more interesting than mine. My life is full of dealing with clients, writing shit, and being frustrated. Can you believe someone dinged my car yesterday while it was parked? But she left her phone number and name under my windshield. No note, though. At first I thought it was someone trying to hit on me. Okay, anyway, at Jezebel I saw this cover of the latest issue of Cosmo:

My first reaction: the fuck? What a hot picture of ScarJo, and what a horrible photoshop job they have done with it. She is so unbelievably smokin' already, why do they have to give her a fake-unnaturally small waist, that looks very weird and draws attention to itself, when she is so goddamn hot already? Why must the fashion industry remind us time and time again that even the hottest women are not nearly hot enough the way they are? For the record, some other pictures of Scarlett:

Hangin' out on the set of her new movie.

A staged shot with Woody Allen.

Hangin' on the beach (that's her on the right).

I selected shots where you can see her waist, but obviously there are zillions of pictures of her on the internet. Suffice it to say her waist in the Cosmo cover was significantly doctored to be all ridiculously slim and dramatic looking. And I think that's bullshit. I know that photoshopping is de rigeur in the fashion industry, but smoothing out skin and making boob shadows a little deeper is a lot different than making someone appear to have a waist that is damn near physically impossible for an actual person to have. And then, after doing all that highly academic ScarJo research, I read the Jezebel comments and discovered this nugget:
And sure enough, it is. The fuck, Cosmo.


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