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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Being Grateful

posted by Sybil Vane
Everyone acts like they want to hear less bitching and more gratefulness from us privileged feminists. So here's what I'm grateful for tonight:

- Clean water. We were under a boil water advisory for 2 days because of a power outage at the water treatment plant. It really does a person good to be reminded of how much she takes treated water for granted.

- The Dark Knight. leblanc made the relevant point/bitch re: the role of women and I agree with her, but I still thought the movie was teh awesome. I've been trying to write a review, but it kept coming out super earnest and invoking Benjamin and I couldn't bear myself, so I'll just reduce it to this: heady and explode-y. Edited to add (because I actually woke up at night thinking about this): all this being said, the movie really should've been rated R.

- This

- Finally having read The Left Hand of Darkness, which had me weeping in a coffee shop as I finished it. Gorgeous.

- A very good friend submitting his diss tomorrow, triumphing over the Worst Committee in the history of graduate school.

- Obama's Berlin speech

Admit it, gratefulness is just a little bit dull.

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