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Sunday, March 09, 2008

Consumer Sunday

posted by Silvana
For reasons I can't exactly articulate, I've been overcome lately with the urge to look at Stuff I Want On The Internet. Namely, apartments, and cars. Real estate is, in my opinion, one of the best reasons to live in Chicago--if you take a special pleasure in an apartment that's just so, and aren't rich, it's the place to be. Back when I was living in Texas, I spent hours and hours salivating over apartments on Craigslist and The Chicago Reader, dreaming about my future life in Chicago. You see, in Central Texas, apartment living is all about apartment complexes. And carpeting. Two things I hate. It was virtually impossible to find a place to live that had hardwood flooring, had anything approaching personality, much as I desperately wanted one. But in Chicago, you are literally tripping over these kinds of places. Hardwood flooring and shit like oak molding and interesting doors are archways are totally unremarkable. My boyfriend's apartment has a decorative fireplace with a wall of built-in bookshelves that weren't even mentioned in the ad, that's how unremarkable this kind of shit is.

And so I am planning on moving in June. I like my apartment, but I've been living here for two years, in the building for three, and I am ready for a change, although my current location really can't be beat (I live in a mixed commercial-residential building that's right on a major commercial street). In all probability, I won't move more than 3 or 4 blocks from where I currently am, but to a bigger place. And maybe somewhere with a garage, because I really want to buy a car. And street parking in this neighborhood sucks.

I know. I know, ok? I know that cars are awful for the environment and expensive and a pain in the ass. But I've basically been without a car, well, always. I briefly had a car in college that punked out on me before too long. I sold it for $200 when I left Texas, and I've been carless since.

But people, Chicago is So. Fucking. Cold. I really actually like taking public transit in the summertime--it's pretty outside, the buses and trains are air-conditioned, the city has a very leisurely feel. But I have really, really had enough of standing outside for twenty-five minutes waiting for a bus that will never come while five buses go the other direction, with my eyes watering and the half-frozen denim of my jeans sadistically battering against my legs. I have had enough of doing this multiple times a day, to go to work, to go to court, to go back to work, to go home, to go out with my friends, to go grocery shopping.

Anyway, I'm getting out of this cold for a short spell and going to Paris in a couple of days. Thank god.


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