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Saturday, September 08, 2007

Suburban Soccer Moms R Us

posted by bitchphd
1. Today was Pseudonymous Kid's third soccer game. Mr. B. was up in Santa Barbara with the car for reasons I'll divulge in a minute, so I had to pack snacks for a dozen kids (cantaloupe, watermelon, grapes, granola bars, and the ubiquitous and wasteful juice boxes, which I actually really do hate) on my bike with the new Mountain Train (verdict: teh awesome, and we get lots of "cool!" from passersby) and get myself and PK down to the soccer field by 9:30 for Team Pictures.

Needless to say, we arrived at 10, I had had neither coffee nor a cigarette yet, the other kids on his team had all finished taking their pics, and I couldn't find the picture form this morning while I was rushing around. Luckily, we were *just* in time for the team picture (which PK took in his Vans rather than his soccer shoes because I forgot to have him change), and then we had about ten minutes before his game to get him into his cleats, borrow a ball from a little girl nearby, take his pic ("stop closing your eyes! smile! don't make faces! NO, don't throw the ball at the camera!"), and sprint over to the field.

Where, as always, PK's team lost, but he *is* getting better. He and I have been working a little bit one-on-one, trying to get him to be more aggressive about getting his foot on the ball, and he was much better about that this time--though he still prefers playing defense, the weirdo.

Then we rode over to the nearby strip mall and I got myself a coffee and a pack of cigs on my credit card, goddamnit, and then I was still not ready to climb back up the hill so we went and I bought about $80 worth of Halloween decorations and the ridiculous Hallmark store because PK's birthday is in late October and he loves Halloween and I am totally rationalizing spoiling him rotten and being an idiot so shut the fuck up already.

2. Our fabulous house with the koi pond and outdoor kitchen? Is (1) gonna be sold out from under us, which solves the "god, can I bear to move?" question for us quite nicely. The owner is offering to sell it to us for only $795k, so, uh, no thanks. There are a couple apartment complexes over by PK's school, and I'm thinking--should we just get a fucking 2br apartment, put most of our shit in storage for a year, and sock money away? Or should we buy a condo and do the same, maybe for a couple years? Hmmmmmm.

BUT. The real point of re-mentioning the fabulous house is that we're putting it to good use by hosting a fundraiser for Mr. Barack Obama (whose campaign Mr. B. is working on, which is why he was in Santa Barbara today, where Obama was giving a speech). So nyah: we're living above our means, but at least we're going to put it to good use. I, myself, am not working on the campaign because I have not yet decided who I really support. My heart is looking for excuses to support Clinton, who I really think would be the best on women's rights issues domestically; my brain is telling me to support Edwards, who I think would also be very good on women's rights and who I think is the only one who currently has the right idea about health care; but I wouldn't *mind* Obama, so. I'm just glad we're living in the States now, so that we can actually *do* this shit.

3. I have a question for y'all. A LOT of you left comments to the last post saying you feel guilty for not wanting a t-t job, or not wanting to be in academia, or not "using" your degrees; and a few people have written me privately or left comments asking if I want another academic job (short answer: probably yes), if I'm looking (not yet), and how I feel about the whole academic thing right now (not really sure; it's complicated). Rather than me trying to come up with an intelligent post on this subject, since I've got y'all rolling now, I'ma ask you guys to help me with this one: if you're an "underemployed" academic or a former academic or a grad student who is secretly spitting out the Kool Aid when your advisor's not looking: why? What went through your head? Was there a time when you "suddenly" realized it wasn't for you, or was it a gradual thing (and what contributed to it?)? And in retrospect (if you have the degree) or right now, if you're still earning it, what do you think of having/earning the degree when you're not planning on "using" it the way you're "supposed" to?

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