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Monday, September 03, 2007

Fuck all y'all; how the hell have we been doing it?!?

posted by bitchphd
Results of today's budget figures:

Monthly income: $5400/month (including my SG gig and some disability money for Mr. B. from the VA)

Rent: $2650
Car insurance: $74
Gas (heat and cooking, averaged out over the year): $200
Phone: $40
Long distance: $10
Cells: $95
Internet: $60
Garbage: $8

Slightly discretionary:
Gas (car): $120
Groceries: $600
LA Times: $10 (cancel it)
Ventura County Star: $10 (cancel it)
Netflix: $10

What's leftover, per month, to pay for after-school care, summer camps, books (I buy too many books), eating out, clothes, and stupid shit we don't really need: $1475.

Which means that we have about $369/week discretionary spending for the three of us. Notice our lack of things like a car payment, life insurance (though Mr. B. has some through his job), renter's insurance, and health care deductibles.

Y'all wanna tell me how the hell we've been getting by, given that I spent $368 in July and August eating out, that PK's passport application cost us $128 in July, that I spent about $300 on back to school crap (obviously not all of it was necessary), and that PK's summer camps probably cost us another $300?

Fuck, man. We either gotta move or I gotta get a job. Maybe both. What a pain in the butt.

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