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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

This MeMe Roth Jordin Sparks Fat Nonsense

posted by bitchphd
Sigh. All the smart people are talking about this thing. Many interesting things are being said, but imho no one's identified the real issue, which is pretty simple.

This whole "I'm so concerned for her health!! And the health of all the impressionable girls who watch American Idol!"

Uh huh. Gosh, MeMe, that's mighty white of you. Funny how your concern doesn't extend to any of the health issues that don't make people . . . aesthetically displeasing.

Here's the thing: anyone dissing fat people? Who concern trolls it by wringing their hands over the health of perfect strangers? Is a big fat liar.

Not that it needs to be said, but Jordin Sparks is not obese. She's not a tiny thing, and she's not Hollywood stick thin. She's a young woman who looks--NOT THAT IT MATTERS--just fine.

Is she healthy? Lacking an MD and access to the woman's medical records, I'm not qualified to say.

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