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Friday, May 04, 2007

Anthony Ciolli: Poor Widdle Baby

posted by bitchphd
This post is mostly verbatim from an email I got from a person who wishes to remain anonymous.

There is a law student message board called AutoAdmit.com. It is, in a word, awful: full of the most reprehensible reactionary sexist, racist, bullshit.

AutoAdmit has repeatedly harassed female law students. Because the board did not make their pages un-Googleable, the harassment creates a public record under the women's names. A few female law students who were the subject of the harassment were unable to get jobs, probably in part because recruiters Googled their names and decided the women were too much of a risk for the reputation driven business that is law. The targeted women were all smart, attractive, and attended very highly ranked law schools.

The Washington Post article linked in the paragraph above above brought some scrutiny to the assholes over at AutoAdmit; the guy in charge of the site said, more or less, blah blah freedom of speech. Okay, fine.

One of the first consequences of AutoAdmit's free speech as XXXtreme sport attitude came when a Boalt 1L student posted a shooting threat against UC Hastings less than 48 hours after the VT massacre. As a consequence, he's being

Today the WSJ law blog noted that one of the self-identified administrators of the board, Anthony Ciolli, who repeatedly defended his support for the vicious harassment as free speech just had his job offer at a well-regarded law firm rescinded.

According to the WSJ, the firm rescinded it because Ciolli had repeated chances to repudiate the harassment of female law students and the systemic racism and homophobia on that site and never did. Note that despite their free speech defense, the moderators of the board freely pulled threads calling the harassers to task, but refused to pull threads harassing female law students by name, including those which included graphic threats of rape and violence. They were asked repeatedly by the victims to pull the threads and refused.

The comments on the WSJ blog post are full of whining about how the First Amendment is being violated, except of course the First Amendment doesn't apply to private actors and the government isn't involved in the slightest here. [My correspondent writes that he/she is] a little ashamed that my fellow lawyers and law students misunderstood Constitutional Law so fundamentally.

This is the power of the market in all its glory, nothing more and nothing less. Law firms will not risk their ability to attract valuable clients on a 23-year-old who endorses violently homophobic, racist, and sexist threats. I think the law firm was absolutely in the right here. Ciolli is paying the price that his female victims paid, except they didn't deserve it, and he does.

Live by the sword, die by the sword, motherfucker.

More here and here. That last link has the precious comment that "the last thing" poor Anthony "wanted was this to be public. I just want to be left alone."

Mmhm. Cry me a fucking river.

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