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Monday, October 02, 2006

We have these in our backyard, too

posted by bitchphd
Did you all see the NYT's recent article about monarch butterflies? They migrate from Mexico as far north as Canada and back again--only they do it over several generations, and no one is sure how each generation figures out its part of a route no single butterfly entirely covers.

The sad part of the article is that because of development, farming changes, and deforestation in Mexico, the monarch's habitat is diminishing. Like every other wild thing's habitat these days. (Which is why I don't begrudge the heron for eating one of the koi, which are hardly a native species, anyway.)

But it turns out there's this nifty organization called Monarch Watch. Not only will they sell you a seed kit to create some monarch habitat (including the milkweed that makes them taste nasty to birds) in your yard, or at your kid's school, but they've got absolutely tons of neat stuff for kids or gardeners. I'm totally going to bookmark this site for spring Easter basket shopping. Plus, some resources for K-9 classroom (or home schooling) use. Nice resource.
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