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Friday, September 29, 2006

Can the republic be saved?

posted by bitchphd
Promised second post.

First, read this story about a young man who isn't going to hang around and see what might happen to him now that the law allows him to be detained indefinitely without knowing why. He's lived in a country where that happened before and is therefore less complacent than most of us are--even those of us who are angry and worried about what's happening.

Second, okay, so what are you going to do about it?

Here's my list.

1. Mail in my registration to vote at my new address today.
2. This weekend, talk to Mr. B. about volunteering, money, and a strategy for what to do about the upcoming election.
3. As I get to know the other parents at PK's school, ask what they think about the upcoming election, the new law suspending habeas corpus, etc.
4. Convince my dad, who lives in a reddish part of a blue state, that he has both the time and responsibility to call *his* local Democratic organization and volunteer to help register/get out the vote.
5. Call *my* local Democratic organization and volunteer to help with whatever.
6. Join the ACLU. No, I don't belong yet. Yes, I am ashamed. Find out who else to join/read/subscribe to, especially locally, to get the political lay of the land here.

That's for starters. You? Suggestions?
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