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Monday, June 26, 2006

Womens' women

posted by bitchphd
Okay, guilty as charged on the "lesbian invisibility" thing w/r/t the sex talk. In my defensive defense, I wrote the initial post specifically b/c there was a convo going on about het sex, and being a het chick myself, well, therein my interest lies. I thought about doing a separate thread for lesbians, but then I thought "jeez, I'll end up with four separate segregated posts about sex, and then what about the bis, or transsexuals, omg, it just goes on and on" so I decided to stick with the hets.

But! That sucks (ha ha, geddit?) and this is a feminist site after all. And selfishly I bet we het people might learn a thing or two from lesbians who are, after all, way cooler than most straight chicks. (Actually this is true, with a couple of glaring exceptions like Camille Paglia and Mary Cheney).

So here is a thread for lesbian sex talk. (And yeah, the straight guys are gonna all go "ooh!"--get over it, for fuck's sake, it isn't about you). With my apologies for (1) leaving you all out in the first place and (2) posting it so late--I had to take PK to school after those earlier posts and then I had an appointment with my incredibly irritating therapist. Let's just say I saved the best for last.

But the gay men are going to have to write their own thread somewhere else. Tough shit. I don't care about gay men. Anyway, you guys have Dan Savage.
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