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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

I'd fail him

posted by bitchphd
Case in point: Mark Steyn.

Compare this post, and this one, both by Geoffrey Pullum, to this review, ostensibly "by" Mark Steyn. Or, if you're lazy, just read this post, by Geoff's co-blogger, Mark Liberman, which points out the similarities and parallels for you.

Geoff, whose work Steyn obviously copied, wrote to Steyn asking only for credit and acknowledgment. Steyn's assistant wrote to Geoff threatening a lawsuit, apparently, if Geoff pursued it. Pursued what? Asking politely for credit for his work? Why do these right-wing assholes always threaten to sue the people they're offending?

Anyway, this story seems to me tailor-made for the blogosphere and the court of public opinion. As a friend of mine pointed out when I was talking to him about this case, while blogs aren't all that great about original reporting, usually (bloggers lacking both the resources and the training of journalists), we are often extremely good at textual analysis. And we're also good at soliciting the court of public opinion.

So you tell me: is Mark Steyn a plagiarist?

Oops. Ironically, my original post neglected to say that I heard about this at Unfogged.

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