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Saturday, April 15, 2006

So wait, you have a boyfriend???

posted by bitchphd
Here, for your archive-perusing pleasure, in inexact order, are a number of the older open marriage/boyfriend posts. (If I've forgotten one, will the old school readers please remind me of it?) Enjoy!

Who Cares What I Look Like?

Procrastination as Play

Newsflash: The Sexual Revolution is Not Complete

Yes! I Am the Biggest (Straight) Slut in the Midwest!

Epater les Bourgeois

Metablogging Part 1

Metablogging Part 2

Metablogging Part 3

A Quickie

More on Open Marriage

Bringing it All Together: Sex, Feminism, Academic Identity, Politics

Sitemeter: or, Whoring on the Web

"Mirame. No piensas: siƩntete."

Feminism, Open Marriage, and Fucking Around: Some Preliminary Thoughts

The Medium is the Message

Insight for the Weekend


I Invoke the Power of the Internets!

Gosh, I Miss My Husband

How to Treat Depression

Sluttier than You Imagine


Bitch in Love

Bitch in Love: Part 2

Pseudonymous Kid Can't Eat (reminds me, I need to do another one of these collections for PK posts)

What We Talk About When We Talk About Love

Feminism, Open Marriage, and Fucking Around

It's Been a While

Enquiring Minds Want to Know

Am I a Big Ol' Queer?

When Pseudonymous Kid met the Connoisseur
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