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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Chicago attorney Patrick Campanelli is an evil son of a bitch

posted by bitchphd
Jessica at Feministing posts a truly horrific and antediluvian story of the kind of rape trial we'd like to believe couldn't happen any more in the U.S.
The woman answered questions from prosecution and defense attorneys for about an hour. But when Missbrenner's attorney, Patrick Campanelli, placed a video monitor in front of her and said he was going to play segments of the 20-minute videotape [of her gang rape] as he questioned her, she stated emphatically "I don't want to see it."
The videotape was viewed in the March 2005 trial of Christopher Robbins of Brookfield, who was acquitted of sex charges after arguing she consented to sex with him in an incident that wasn't videotaped. Robbins allegedly is seen on one segment of the tape, but not engaging in sex with the woman.

Prosecutors allege that the videotape first shows another defendant, Burim Berezi of Brookfield, having sex with the woman, then it shows Missbrenner. They say the tape shows her unconscious as people spit on her and write derogatory words on her naked legs and abdomen.

Berezi fled the country after being charged and remains at large. Missbrenner also fled but returned from Europe in May 2005. A jury convicted him of violating his bail bond, and he was sentenced to six months in jail, which has been served while he was being held without bail on the sex charges.

The fourth defendant, Sonny Smith, 20, of Brookfield, who operated the camera, pleaded guilty to child pornography and was sentenced to the Illinois Department of Corrections boot camp.
Scott Lemieux offers an excellent analysis of the judge's/defense attorney's legal rationalizations bullshit reasoning. Or lack thereof.
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