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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

The survey says...

posted by bitchphd
So, survey is sent out to everyone who agreed to do it, with thanks (ay-yi-yi, three hours typing in email addys). I am hoping it doesn't just go into everyone's spam mail, since it has "bitch" in the subject line and I bcc'd it to about 400+ people. A few addys bounced due to typos and will have to be resent, but please don't email me if you don't get the survey; my apologies, and I very much appreciate your interest, but I have to admit I've been really kind of overwhelmed by how many comments and emails I got about it which is why it's taken me so long to send it out!

Preliminary results will appear in an essay I'm writing for Scholar and Feminist Online; I'll post a link to S&F when the blogging issue appears, although I won't tell you which article is mine. I won't care if you guess, though, as long as you keep your guess to yourself....
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