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Friday, February 24, 2006

Can we safeguard abortion?

posted by bitchphd
By which I mean, if not legal, can it be safe? It's been done before.

Some links:

1. Illegal abortions, now and in the present. The point is, even with Roe still on the books, it's already been whittled away for a lot of women.

2. Interesting post on the language of the argument. For what it's worth, I agree: "partial-birth abortion" is a meaningless and loaded phrase, and we ought not use it.

3. I've said it before, and I'll say it again: everyone interested in what's to come (and in many cases, already here), should read The Story of Jane: The Legendary Underground Feminist Abortion Service.

4. Herbal abortions and How to induce a miscarriage. Obviously, I'm not a doctor. And I can't vouch for the reliability or safety of the methods described in these links.

5. How to use your regular b.c. pills for emergency contraception (scroll down a bit). See also this site.

6. See also Scott and Digby, and Firedoglake on the South Dakota law, specifically.

Update: On the dangers of herbal abortion, be sure and see this post. The same blogger explains how to do a d&c, and offers her thoughts on illegal abortion, and some specifics about what we can do to start organizing to help. She calls her blog Molly Saves the Day, and I think it's an apropos title. She promises to keep blogging about abortion how tos: I suggest bookmarking her, and returning often. As per the third post I've linked from her, I'll announce that I have a source for out-of-country Plan B, and I'm willing to provide it to those who need it.

Second update: Ema, who is an actual ob/gyn, also has a very interesting and informative post about surgical abortion.

Thursday 2 March update: Flea at One Good Thing links to The Roe Depot, an (apparently new) discussion forum for reproductive health. It has special forums for "those needing help," "those offering help," state-by-state (and international) forums, contraceptive methods, herbalism, and so on. If it takes off, could be a fabulous resource, well worth a permanent main-page link. I'll keep an eye on it.

Also, welcome Boing-Boing readers! I imagine the sitemeter stats for today will be fun.
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