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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Where the boys are

posted by bitchphd
Here you go, guys: a thread all your own, where you can claim that feminists hate men; or that we're not going to convince anyone to listen to us, you know, if we can't say it nicely; or that maybe you'll let us have our reproductive rights if we admit that you have rights too; or that when women resist being dragged into talking about what *you* want to talk about, that obviously means they don't think men are entitled to opinions. All that kind of stuff that's really about how uppity it is of women in general, or of this bitch in particular, not to bow down to your obviously superior wisdom, logic, and choice of subject matter.

Have at it; free rein in this thread. Elsewhere, however, I'm gonna start just exercising that ol' delete key. Because I'm having a demanding week, and I'm not feeling real patient right now.
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