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Monday, October 24, 2005

Sorry, my religious beliefs require you to bear your rapist's baby

posted by bitchphd
At least, that's the end result of this whole pharmacist's rights bullshit w/r/t Plan B, if it keeps going on: Arizona rape victim denied EC.

What I really love is this:
"We have all kinds of compassion for a rape victim - in that case, Plan B is OK, the church has no problem with it," said Ron Johnson, with the Arizona Catholic Conference, which supports the right of any health-care worker to refuse to dispense emergency contraception and lobbied hard for passage of the Arizona law to allow it.
If you're raped and want to prevent conception, that's fine. But if you're one of those dirty whores who has sex voluntarily, then no.

Look, for the umpteenth time. Plan B is not an abortificant. It prevents conception. So there is no goddamn reason for anyone to refuse to provide it, period. Even the goddamn Catholic Church (I can get away with cursing it, I'm Catholic) allows contraceptive use in some circumstances, and has no position on non-Catholics using contraception.

So get over this bullshit about pharmacist's "consciences" and hand out the goddamn pills, already.
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