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Thursday, August 11, 2005

Update: NARAL ad

posted by bitchphd
NARAL has decided to pull the ad after all, on the grounds that the fuss over it is a distraction from the real issue. I have mixed feelings. On the one hand, the fuss over it is a distraction from the real issue--I am almost reluctant to blog this, having said that I did not intend to talk about the ad any more, but I figured that having blogged both the ad and their response to "fact"check's response, I should. On the other hand, whatever the merits or flaws of the ad may have been--and I believe that, while factual in a strict sense, it was somewhat misleading, although I also believe that misleading ads are the name of the game in politics, so I find it frankly hypocritical for the right to be bitching about it, and rather disappointing that political sites on the left are so uninterested in defending it--I seriously wonder if any ad that NARAL runs isn't going to be a flashpoint for controversy.

They have another one in the works, so I suppose we'll find out.
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