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Friday, August 26, 2005

Cultural Revolution II: Misogyny Is The Opiate Of The People

posted by Twisty
Is there an orthographer in the house? Could you please explain to me why, when reading Chinese words expressed with the Roman alphabet, one invariably encounters what appears to be deliberate obfuscation? In other words, what's with all the exoticism, all the Xs and Us? Is it not just gratuitous? I mean, you can spell these words any way you want, theoretically. Why not spell'em the way they sound?

I ask because of Madame Gu Xiulian, who is the president of the All-China Women's Federation. Say that word "Xiulian" three times fast. If you dare.

Madame Gu is on my mind because this morning I read an article in the World Peace Herald (a sister publication of the Washington Times, just so you know) about her recent press junket. She is going around extolling the virtues of China's new "vigorous measures to promote gender equality." Apparently the Chinese government now thinks women are the bee's knees, so you know what they're gonna do? They're gonna "[build] sound organizational structures and [reinforce] operational mechanisms."

Well, hallelujah.

Madame Gu is rah-rah about women's lib. When asked about certain social obstacles to granting Chinese women the right to exist, she agrees a few problems may linger, and speaks of "correcting the thinking" of the masses.

The soon-to-be-corrected thinking of the masses to whom Madame Gu alludes runs along the lines of "chicks are shit." This attitude results in female fetuses being aborted left and right. Lucky fetuses. Because, like everywhere else in the world, Chinese women are getting the shit kicked out of them on a regular basis by their douchebag husbands. Unlike everywhere else in the world, however, Chinese women have Confucius.

Confucius, known in China by his superhero name "Kong the Master," is adamant on the subject of domestic violence: "Suck it up, girls!" is his motto. But many of the girls cannot suck it up. In fact, every year over a million Chinese women find their worthless lives so intolerable that they attempt suicide. Thirty out of 100,000 succeed. They do it by drinking pesticide. It's quite the fad.

China is the only place on earth where women are snuffing it at a higher rate than men. I blame the patriarchy.
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