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Monday, March 28, 2005

How sex can save the world

posted by bitchphd
Hey hey y'all. Now, I know that if you are reading this you are, not to point fingers or anything, a perv. Yes you are, go on, admit it. You like sex! There, was that so bad? And now that spring is here and we're shedding our itchy woolens and unflattering toques, we're all hornier than ever.

So! Aren't you just dying to buy a new vibe, or a nice pair of fur-lined cuffs or something? Sure you are. Well, now's your chance, because flea of One Good Thing--did you know she owns a sex shop?--has had pneumonia, and as a result has had to close the family business. Which sucks, since like most small business owners, she kind of depended on it to, you know, make a living. But she's keeping the online store open. She even sells Harry Potter books, which you can give the kids to keep the little monsters busy while you get busy in the other room. And, you know, maybe if you buy a lot of stuff, flea and the little fleas can keep a roof over their heads long enough to recover from pneumonia and figure out what to do next. It's a perfect opportunity to feel dirty and virtuous at the same time!
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